At Fusebox, we are redefining what to expect from interactive narrative. At the centre of that journey is you. We want to drop you into a story where you don’t just choose, you care. We’re based in heart of Shoreditch, London, where our 30+ employees have assembled with one mission in mind; to let you live the stories you love.

Stories For Everyone


At Fusebox, we firmly believe in writing inclusive stories that reflect the diversity of our players.


We’re injecting new energy into the genre, to create rich narratives that trigger real emotions.


It’s the eyebrow raising moments that make our stories unforgettable.


We’re creating the tools to redefine what players come to expect from interactive narrative.

Live The Stories You Love

Narrative has evolved, and as more and more readers become players, a new form of writing has emerged. Choice-based narrative has existed for years, but now it’s in everyone’s pockets. And with a mobile-first approach, we have the power to make choices more meaningful, more impactful and more rewarding. You exist at the centre of your story and your choices define your own journey.


Want to be a part of our journey? Check out our jobs page to see what’s available.

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