Senior Game Designer

Fusebox Games is rapidly becoming a market leader in the Interactive Narrative mobile gaming space. We make 2D games with pride and passion, taking popular licenses and turning them into high quality narrative experiences. Our latest release, Love Island: The Game, consistently hits the top spot in both UK and US charts, and the company is now exploring other stories, including an original title. Fusebox has just passed its third birthday, with a team size of around 30+, and is heading full steam ahead to grow the business into a 20M+ user base.

We’re currently looking for a Senior Game Designer to join the team. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal communication skills to facilitate a positive working environment that seeks to deliver successful games. They stay up-to-date on trends in the f2p game market, competitive products and seek knowledge for best practices. Most importantly, they have an enthusiasm for narrative games, and their potential to inform and entertain.



  • Actively participate in the creation and development of the game design

  • Design compelling game mechanics using modern f2p mobile design principles

  • Create prototypes of new concepts, mechanics, and interfaces

  • Help drive innovation and establish best practices and methods for the design team


  • Produce clear and concise GDDs and TDDs

  • Establish standards for formal design documentation and tools for the project

  • Make adjustments to the game design specifications to reflect developments as the project moves forward


  • Deconstruct and analyse game mechanics 

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in mobile free-to-play games

  • Understand consumer needs and ensure that elements developed by the team will contribute to player satisfaction and enjoyment


  • Evolve and adapt game designs based on play-testing, feedback and live metrics

  • Work with our data team to build and iterate economies

  • Develop a deep understanding of our player’s needs and motivations in order to recommend improvements to the game and maximise the potential of new features


  • Actively participate and act as a regular liaison in the decision-making process with management and oversee the necessary adjustments to ensure that the design meets expectations

  • Clearly and effectively communicate with all areas of the team

  • Assist in communicating the project objectives, strategies, and general information to all team members


  • 3+ years working as a designer on F2P mobile games

  • Keen interest in mobile narrative games and the wider narrative genre

  • Experience working with Unity

  • Knowledge of industry best practice and agile methodologies

  • Proven design sensibilities and sense for quality

  • Ability to articulate ideas, information and know-how with ease and clarity

  • Must be able to balance creative and commercial requirements to understand where resources are best spent

  • Understand the importance of player data analysis and be able to propose and implement feature and content changes to improve KPIs

  • Appreciates that the team and company's success is determined by the timely delivery of exceptional, optimised games and game updates and is committed to achieving each product goal accordingly

  • Experienced in mobile and free-to-play game design with a passion for evolving and innovating the user experience to entertain, retain, and engage players

  • Strong F2P mobile experience, including monetisation

  • Actively researches and keeps up to date with new games, industry and market trends, platform and OS changes, and best practices with a view to improve existing games and help innovate with future games

  • Ability to touch type, with at least 60 WPM