Entry-level to mid-career position

£23-28k pa depending on experience

Job spec:

  • Full time

  • Writing

  • Working in our London studio

  • This is a junior writing position on Love Island The Game. The role involves producing scripts for our successful Love Island series of interactive narratives, editing the scripts of other writers, participating in planning exercises, and performing maintenance on scripts during the game’s release window. We work in a deeply integrated team who prize quality, diversity, and progressivism. We want to find someone talented with an eagerness to grow and develop, and a voice of their own

Suitable for:

  • People with a long-term well-developed enthusiasm for games writing, looking to start a career

  • Writers from other industries, looking to move into games

For all applications:

  • We do not expect candidates to satisfy every requirement to the letter. If you feel you exemplify some but not all of these qualities and still feel like the role might be a good fit for you, please apply

  • The requirements listed in this job spec are intended to give a rough picture of what we’re looking for. A good applicant will satisfy some of these requirements, but you do not need to satisfy all of them

  • We welcome applicants from outside the games industry. If you don’t precisely meet one of our requirements but still feel you have equivalent experience from a different industry, feel free to suggest why you think your experience is relevant

Ideal candidate will have some or all of the following:

  • Experience crafting compelling storylines

  • Ability to create memorable, realistic characters, demonstrating skill at writing from different regions, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds

  • Knowledge of writing story treatments, character bios, environment guides, in-game scripts and other narrative documentation

  • Understanding of how story is used in mobile free-to-play games

  • Knowledge and understanding of Love Island

  • Advanced proficiency with the English language, and the ability to write dialogue in naturalistic spoken English

  • Ability to closely match the style, format, and conventions of the other scripts in a project

  • A willingness to learn from others, particularly when it comes to writing in a house style

  • Experience working closely as part of a team, and an enthusiasm for doing so

  • A proveable understanding of editing best practices, with some experience editing the work of others or being edited for publication

  • Good research skills, able to find resources to learn about tone of voice of different cultural groups, or to supplement your knowledge when writing about areas where you lack personal experience

All of the above demonstrated through portfolio, courses, qualifications, industry work, articles or blog posts

We want to see:

  • A one-page cover letter explaining who you are and why you think you’re suitable for the role

  • A CV

  • Several writing samples adhering to the guidelines below. We’re most interested in dialogue and humour, but work that showcases core IF competencies (choices, consequences, etc) is a plus

We are:

  • Fusebox is a London-based narrative games studio best known for our work on the top-grossing Love Island The Game

  • We’re a small, growing studio aiming to create the best writing team in the games industry

  • We aim to enforce a crunch-free environment where every member of the team feels supported. We aim to be a diverse employer so enthusiastically welcome applicants from all backgrounds

Writing sample guidelines:

Definitely include:

  • As our games are 90% dialogue, we want to see dialogue-driven writing. This could constitute screenplays, comic scripts, longform prose dialogue, game scripts, or any other dialogue-driven form

  • Work must be character-driven. We want to see characters interacting with one another. We want to see work that foregrounds bold, naturalistic, relatable characters interacting with one another. Strong characterisation is key. The best work will demonstrate the ability to create a strong sense of a character’s identity even in a short extract

  • The most important element of our games is that they’re funny. In order of importance, a good set of writing samples will demonstrate proficiency with:

  • Humour/Comedy

  • Romance

  • Conflict/Drama

  • Work submitted must be original. We don’t want to see you writing with someone else’s characters. We want to see what you have to offer

Include if you have it:

  • Interactive Fiction done in Ink, Twine, Inform, or similar

  • Anything that demonstrates facility writing choices and consequences

  • Samples of game writing, particularly for mobile games

Don’t include:

  • We refuse to accept any sample submissions containing work based on Fusebox products. When we say we want to see original work, we mean it. We’re unable to accept fan fiction of our games or stories involving our character as substance to support a job application

  • In particular, we don’t want to receive spec scripts for Love Island The Game. If you send a spec script for this or any of our other games, we’re not legally allowed to read it