once upon a time...

Ever dreamt of writing your own game and having it played by people all over the world?

We’re looking to connect with experienced IF writers, so we’re accepting submissions. 

If you're familiar with choice based narrative games and want to get involved, read on... 

Your writing

Send us an example of your best creative writing. We prefer an example from interactive fiction, but we’ll also read extracts from plays, tv or film scripts, novels and short stories.

The main thing is for us to get a feel for your writing.

Please limit extracts to a maximum of three pages and send in PDF format.

Choice based fiction

If your extract is not from interactive fiction, please write a short interactive fiction piece, maximum of 3 pages, with at least one substantial choice within the writing, and several smaller choices. 

You can write about anything you wish, any setting you want, the main thing is that we see you get the choice based element of this style of writing.

The piece should be dialogue driven and keep the prose concise. Make sure you clearly show the different choices through colour coding.

We love to see things written in Twine, otherwise please send as a PDF document.

Original Story Ideas

This is your chance to tell us about the type of game you want to write.

Send us a maximum of 3 original story pitches, giving us an insight into the world, story, and characters, you want to create.

Each individual story pitch should be no more than 300 words and formatted in a PDF document.


Send us your CV, focusing on your writing. If you don’t have much experience, no problem. Just let us know what you’ve been up to.